Welcome to The Hanky Shoppe where the art of the handkerchief is my passion.  

I started The Hanky Shoppe after not being able to find a quality, monogrammed handkerchief for my husband, to replace those that I had found for him as a wedding anniversary gift, earlier in our marriage.  Since the traditional second wedding anniversary gift is cotton, I had wanted to get something unique and special for him.  As my husband and I always have fun following traditional gifts for anniversaries with a sense of humor and uniqueness, I knew I wasn't going to gift a set of boxer shorts!  I chose a set of monogrammed hankies.  My husband treasured these and carried them everyday in his pocket as a reminder of our anniversary.  When it came time to replace them, I could not find quality and unique handkerchiefs for him, so I went out and bought some plain white ones at a local department store and pulled out my sewing machine.  I have always loved sewing and decided I would embroider my own messages and designs on them.  Each one was created with a different message or pattern I knew he would love and treasure, and once again he was absolutely tickled.  In that moment, I knew I had found my passion.  

 I have worked hard to source quality and durable handkerchiefs, and painstakingly embroider each design myself with great attention to detail.  If there is a specific design or idea you have for a gift to your special someone, please reach out to me at hello@thehankyshoppe.com.  

It is my distinct pleasure to offer my art to you.  

 Warmest Regards,

Leesi Goad

 Owner of The Hanky Shoppe.com