Sarah’s Something old & Something Blue

Hi Lisa !

I just finally opened my package (AJ my fiance was always around and had to wait for him not to see!). The hankerchief is perfect thank you so much! And the bonus one you made for me - that was just so thoughtful and kind you! It's really very special. I love it. And I didn't have anything old or blue! Not sure how you knew. 

Thank you so much again! Sarah 


Soul Sister Jenn

I’m sorry for the late message. I meant to send a thank you yesterday! Thank you so much for the beautiful handkerchiefs and the one just for me. You rock! I’m still working on the hankies for the owners but my brain is sidetracked with an exam tomorrow. As soon as the chaos is over I will reach out. Thank you again 

Dallas & Mylesa.jpg

Milesa & Dallas

I was looking for unique handkerchiefs for my wedding and am so glad I came across Leesi's shop. I can’t thank her enough for the time and effort she put into making my vision for all three handkerchiefs come to life. I’m very detailed oriented and ever the perfectionist and she was so patient and accommodating, truly a pleasure to work with. The handkerchiefs are a work of art and will add such a special touch to the big day!


The Perfect Christmas Gift for a Mermaid Lover


            Tried to text this to you yesterday, but I remembered there were some issues w/ sending pics via text message.  So, just in case...

She loves it.  Wore it to work today.

Thanks again so much for making this Christmas a home run.