Grandma's Wedding Gown

You never know who you are going to meet on any given day. I was fortunate enough to chat with the sweetest woman, named Elena while picking up sewing supplies recently. I was wearing my mermaid denim jacket and we began to chat. I went on to make a custom hanky for her daughter for her bridal shower, and Elena was so happy with it, she reached to me to ask if I would sew something special on a piece of her mother’s wedding gown. I know, I’m weepy too! (p.s. I know where you can buy a great hanky just for that). I mocked up a few ideas for her, and I have to say that the dove was the perfect choice to compliment the script Elena wanted me to use. We covered something old and something blue in the most spectacular way. She will be sewing this scrap of material into her daughter’s wedding gown. What a special and creative idea this was, and I once again I am humbled to be entrusted with such a special project. (Pssst, I sent you a special gift as well Elena)